HoHoTO 2011: $73,384

HoHoTO 2011 Metro AdToronto: thank you.

HoHoTO 2011 raised over SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS for Daily Bread Food Bank. Our sponsors, and all of you who purchased tickets, should feel very proud of your contributions. These donations really help our community and we are humbled by the generosity of our fellow Torontonians.

This year, our media sponsor Metro Toronto ran a full-page ad a few days after the party, thanking all our sponsors. It’s a remarkable mix of big corporations, small businesses, and freelance operators who make this party possible, and whose donations make the holiday season a little easier for everyone. If you didn’t catch the ad the day it ran, you can download the PDF just by clicking on that image there on the left. If you’re one of those wonderful sponsors, you might want to print this and proudly display it in your office as a testament to your generosity and community spirit.

It was a bit of a job making sure every single logo appeared, but we certainly tried to make sure we squeezed them all in there. If we missed anyone, please accept our apologies. The last few days before the event are plenty crazy, and every now and then a detail gets past our highly-trained logo wranglers.

The HoHoTO events have now raised well over $225,000 for Daily Bread Food Bank since our first party back in 2008. If you want to get involved and help us with the 2012 event, email us and we’ll see how we can best make use of you and your talents.

Thanks again, Toronto. You still deserve your old nickname: Toronto the Good.