HoHoTO was founded in 2008 when a group of friends came together in 13 days to pull off the party of the year, and it grew from there. Since 2008, committee members have come and gone, but the passion and dedication have remained.

Our current team is:

Lee Dale, Co-chair | lee@hohoto.ca@smack416
Ryan Taylor, Co-chair | ryan@hohoto.ca | @ryantaylor

Niya Bajaj, Sponsorship & Logistics | niya@hohoto.ca@destiniya
Rajesh Kutty, Sponsorship | raj@hohoto.ca@kuttysark

Matthew Burpee, Social Media | @matthewburpee
Lauren Souch, Communications | @misslau

Jason Carlin, Finance | @the2scoops
Keith Foster, Tech | @nomadicsettler

Rochelle Latinsky, Volunteers & Coordinator | volunteers@hohoto.ca@rochlatinsky

Of course, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the collective awesomeness of the HoHoTO founders and other former committee members. Thank you to each and everyone one of them.