Who wants a FREE Burrito after an amazing night at HoHoTO? (aka Rogers $25 Raffle Ticket Deal )

[This is a guest post from Melanie Masson, part of the Social Media Team at Rogers]

Good day HoHoTOers!

What’s the first thing you think about when heading home after a night at the bar? Amazing after-the-bar food – and this time, it’s on us as a thank you for buying your HoHoTO raffle tickets.

Rogers has partnered with HoHoTO so that the first 100 people to spend $25 or more on raffle tickets at the event will get a complimentary Burrito from Burrito Boyz while supplies last.  And don’t worry about having to save money for a cab to get there because there is a Burrito Boyz location just east of the Mod Club on College.

The best part is you’re also helping out a family of four at the same time, since $25 will provide them with an emergency food hamper.

Here’s how the Burrito bonanza will work:

  • Once you purchase $25 or more on raffle tickets, take your tickets to a member of the Rogers social media team (we’ll be in our red shirts so you’ll know who we are) and show them your tickets.
  • The team will then mark your tickets with our Rogers red markers and give you your free Burrito certificate which can then be redeemed for one Burrito at any of the Burrito Boyz locations.

Looking forward to seeing you all at HoHoTO!


Written by Melanie Masson aka @RogersMelanie

Be a creative sponsor this season

[This is a guest post by Zoë Siskos, Community Manager for HomeStars.com. You can read more on their blog, or follow their Twitter account @HomeStars]

This time of year can be overwhelming. It seems that the biggest events, charitable promotions and holidays happen all at once. Of course, we should all remind ourselves that we are fortunate to have problems such as “Which party am I going to this season?” rather than “Where am I going to find my next meal?”

That being said, we all want to participate and help out. Many of us have certain organizations that we hold dear to our heart – like Daily Bread Food Bank for HoHoTO. But among all of the other organizations asking for help, getting recognition (i.e. money, volunteers, sponsors) is difficult. We have to be creative.

This is why in addition to being a Gingerbread sponsor, HomeStars.com is donating an additional $5 for every approved review from Dec 1 to the event.

Just click on this link to get started (and please share it with friends and family). We also have another special promotion in the HoHoTO swag bag for the first 100 attendees (you’ll have to show up early for this one)!

I also saw on Twitter that swear jars are popping up in offices all around the city – simple, creative, and I’m sure it’s quite effective. Good job to everyone involved!

And if you are one of the lucky ones that snagged a ticket to the event, give yourself a pat on the back for your donation. But I challenge you to step up even further, do something above and beyond just coming to the party. Participate in one of the existing promos or come up with something entirely new. Let’s pull together and make this a record breaking year for sponsorships and donations!