Raffle Wednesday: Do your holiday shopping at HoHoTO!

If you’ve been to HoHoTO in the last couple of years, you might remember looking at some pretty amazing prizes on the raffle table.  You might have even won something…or a few somethings!  This year, the prizes are just as amazing – you’ll find some sponsors back for another year, and some new and different things.

Since last week’s post, we’ve added lots of new items, including:

– A Moto X from Motorola

– A wine package from Rosewood Estates

– A gift certificate for a massage from Allison Greenbaum – who will be on site at the party offering professional massage in exchange for donations!

– An Eco Living gift basket from Bullfrog Power

– Restaurant gift certificates from places such as Caplansky’s, e11even, and School

– A gift certificate for your choice of delivery from Orderit.ca

And even more on the way.  Get your tickets and pre-buy your raffle tickets now (you can buy more raffle tickets at the event, too) because you can’t win if you don’t go to the party.

So excited to see you there.

Raffle Wednesday: You Can’t Win If You Don’t Come Out to Play

Need another reason to attend HoHoTO? How about being able to buy raffle tickets and win amazing prizes!

What prizes, you ask? Here are what we have so far (though we are still looking for prizes so if you have something or know of someone who has something, contact Wendy, Katie, or  tweet us):

And much more to come!  Get tickets to HoHoTO and buy your raffle tickets now so you don’t miss out.

For the first time, we’re offering you the opportunity to pre-buy raffle tickets through our awesome ticketing partner, Uniiverse, which you’ll pick up onsite at the party — you can, of course, also buy tickets (or MORE tickets, aw yeah) when you get there.  And you have to be at the party to win, because you pick up the prize while you’re there!