Check out these fabulous door prizes!

We have a number of generous sponsors who have donated some great swag that you can win by, wait for it, just buying a ticket for the event and being there to accept your winnings. That’s it. Enjoy the party, win some stuff! Here’s what’s up for grabs:

1) Blue Jays fans! After a stellar year in the field and late-season hitting surge, you have the chance to bring a Ryan Goins autographed bat home. Thanks to the Blue Jays for the kind donation.

2) From Wild North Apparel we have three great prizes: a plus gift basket, an $80 gift certificate, and a luscious cashmere scarf with gloves.

3) Interactive Ontario has kindly offered up a one-year membership, and you’ll also have the chance to win one of 5 tickets to their topical iLunch series of content and networking events.

4) From Iris Glaser and Katrin Leblond, we’ll have Color Her mix ‘n match feminist goddess coloring books.

Want a chance at these fabulous door prizes?

Grab an event ticket now!

What happened to the Raffle?
If you’re a past HoHoTO attendee you know all about the raffle everyone loves because you get to spend 30 minutes at the event ignoring people so you can buy tickets, tear them apart, deliberate over which raffle packages you’d like to chance winning, before stuffing those tickets one by one, over and over, in a variety of ballot boxes. Well, we want you to spend all that time enjoying the party, so instead, this year you get to enjoy fabulous door prizes! ❄

Hangover Auction Sunday Night on Twitter – The Giving Continues!

NEW DATE JUST ANNOUNCED: New Year’s Day! January 1st, 7-9pm!

HoHoTO 2013 will feature one of HoHoTO’s favourite traditions: The Hangover Auction!

Mark your calendars for the evening of Dec 22nd, which will be when we auction off more AMAZING prizes via Twitter. The Hangover Auction includes great new prizes and any prizes left unclaimed from Thursday’s massive, exhausting, and wonderful HoHoTO party.

So if you still have some holiday shopping to do (or are looking to treat yourself!), here’s how it’s done:

Auctions start on the half hour – 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30pm. Bids must be placed using the following tweet format: @hohoto #LOT<lot number> $<your bid>  – <optional friendly note>. Here’s an example of bidding $150 for Lot 8 tickets for an HTC 1 phone (this may not be the actual lot number, schedule forthcoming):

@hohoto #LOT8 $250 –  can haz new phone please?

Times are based on twitter-clock. All auctioneer decisions are final. If @hohoto gets put into Twitter Jail by Twitter, auctions will continue on  @hangoverauction.

Some tips:

  • Watch for other competitive bids, and try to win your favourite auction lot!
  • Bidding closes firmly as the twitter clock rolls over to the next window (i.e. 8:29:59 bids will be accepted for 8:00 lots, 8:30 bids will not).

Winners will be determined by the highest bid received at or before the time the relevant bidding window closes, based on the Twitter timestamp. Winners will be announced by the auctioneer via the @hohoto Twitter account. The final decision of the auctioneers is FINAL (can we say final a few more times?  final final final)! No late bids or early bids will be accepted. No bidding via DM will be accepted.

Bids must include Lot  Number as hashtag. Bids must be in full dollars! Opening minimum bid on most items is $20 (higher where indicated); no maximum. Remember – every dollar goes direct to feed hungry people via Daily Bread Food Bank.

Any items not bid on by the end of their allotted 30 minutes may be withdrawn and re-purposed for other charitable ends. Prizes must be claimed in Toronto.

We’ll contact each winning bidder and arrange for payment and collection of your winning items (yes, we’ll need you to collect them‚ remember, the goal here is zero expenses, if possible. More money for the food bank that way).  Items must be collected within 1 month (preferably sooner), or they will be re-purposed for other charitable ends.  Payment by credit card is highly preferred but other arrangements can be made if necessary.

All proceeds, as always, to Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank.

So get your Twitter fingers ready!