More than a party with purpose. #HoHoTo

Ryan's article

See Ryan Taylor’s post on LinkedIn about HoHoTO’s new direction and request for mentors and partners. A copy is below.

More than a party with purpose. #HoHoTo
Published on November 6, 2015
Ryan Taylor
Founder, CEO at Consensas

In 2008, I shared an incredible experience with some incredible people co-founding a tech industry event called #HoHoTo; since then it has raised almost $400k for local food banks. That is a legacy for everyone who participated or attended to be extremely proud.

This year though we’re pivoting the event away from food and philanthropy to focus on impact and opportunity. We recognized #HoHoTo is more than just a ‘party with purpose‘ and that it had so much more potential as a hub that connects efforts to engage more women and minorities in entrepreneurial, digital, and engineering pursuits. It is a celebration of our collective influence to make positive contributions to the next generation of our community.

Our initial efforts will be directed at supporting a more comprehensive network for young women in the GTA to explore their prospective futures. The event will be the same great tech industry party it’s always been, just with a twist. Ahead of the event we’re inviting young women to meet with mentors and various agencies, like Ladies Learning Code, to ask questions, get advice and build new meaningful relationships.

2015 is just the beginning of a 3-year community challenge, to promote and fund a single GTA Girls Center. We finally have our sponsorship info [PDF] and updated website. We’re looking for mentors and partners; please join us in this worthy endeavor.

The Details:
See or, please reach out to me personally if you’d like to join us with organizing efforts.