Sponsorship is off to a great start. Don’t delay in supporting #HoHoTO

Many thanks to our sponsors! More than a dozen organizations have contributed! For now, please learn more about our valued sponsors from our Twitter list or below.

With a tax receipt from YWCA, content and brand engagement opportunities with the best of Toronto’s digital community, a cause your employees can rally behind, and sponsorship starting at just $250, it’s hard not to give. Please see how you can help in this document:

If you’re interested in connecting with the HoHoTO community, participating in this year’s event, and reaching thousands of Toronto’s digital mavens year round, contact our sponsorship team today:

Niya-Bajaj-thumbnail Niya Bajaj Email 647-588-3294

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Sponsorship Round-up #1

HoHoTO is the best holiday party in Toronto, while also raising sorely needed funds for Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank. An awesome raffle, massive pizza delivery, great DJs, and massage-by-donation are just some of the fun things we have planned for this year’s event; but we couldn’t do it without the support and generosity of our amazing sponsors!

Here’s what a few of our sponsors have to say about HoHoTO, and why they’re choosing to support us (and the Daily Bread Food Bank) this year.

Our Elf Sponsor, Nuscreen Digital, is bringing their whole team to HoHoTO for the first time this year, and Meg Button says she’s glad Nuscreen is able to give back to the community:

“This city has given so much to us as a company (and as individuals) that it’s only right for us to look for opportunities to give back. HoHoTO has a great story. It shows that an idea, commitment and community can make great things happen – we’re all about that kind of thinking at Nuscreen Digital. Toronto is an inspiring city with a strong sense of community. Hard times can happen to any of us – it’s important that we keep our feet on the ground and eyes open to what’s happening around us. Thousands of people across Toronto rely on food banks. The Daily Bread Food Bank supports food programs in our city and the organizers of HoHoTO have done a tremendous job raising funds for this organization and bringing awareness to this cause. Nuscreen Digital is proud to sponsor HoHoTO and support the Daily Bread Food Bank.”

Snowflake sponsor Hover says their team loves supporting creative projects (like HoHoTO!) that also help make a difference in people’s lives:

“At Hover, we find it profoundly important to support the Daily Bread Food Bank. The people of Toronto who rely on the Food Bank represent the forgotten, silent community who is hungry and struggling to just get by. There are millions of people – just like ourselves – who use the Daily Bread Food Bank to feed themselves and their families. We need to help provide the funding we can to help these people get on their own two feet, and HoHoTO enable us to do it. We love supporting creative projects like HoHoTO that help make a real difference in people’s lives, especially in our own community.”

Candy Cane sponsor Graham Rowlands, of TorontoCondos.org, says he loves supporting a great cause while also taking the digital conversation offline:

“My favourite HoHoTO memory was going to my first HoHoTO 3 years ago. It was awesome because I got to meet so many people that I chat to all the time on Twitter in person for the first time! I’m a big fan of taking the online conversation offline, and if I can support a charity like the Daily Bread Food Bank at the same time, it’s really a no brainer – this is why I’m supporting HoHoTO and the Daily Bread Food Bank. There are a lot of people in this city that can’t afford to eat all the time, especially around the Holidays. I think it is important to help these people to make the city a better place overall and because everyone deserves a good meal around the holidays!”

Feeling warm and fuzzy? We are, too! You can help us spread the love even further by becoming a HoHoTO sponsor yourself – take a look at our 2014 sponsorship deck or shoot us an email at sponsors@hohoto.ca for more info!

Can’t make HoHoTO? Donate!

give a little

Hunger in Canada is a very real issue. Last year in Toronto alone, 800,000 people relied on a food bank – and 36% of food bank clients in the GTA are children.

While HoHoTO is a great way to help get money into the hands of those who can help the hungry, there are other ways to get involved, too! You can run a food drive, volunteer at the Daily Bread, or donate money/food at other times of the year.

And, if you can’t make it to HoHoTO this year, you can still help us feed hungry Torontonians by making a donation through us.

Besides the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with doing something good, any donation over $20 will be eligible for a tax receipt issued by the Daily Bread Food Bank. And if you didn’t know, that tax receipt means you can claim 15% of your donation (for the first $200 donated) on your 2013 tax return.

Even better, if you’ve never donated before, now is a GREAT time to start – new this year, the government is offering a First-time Donor’s Super Credit. If you (or your spouse) have never claimed a charitable donation on a tax return before (or at least, not since 2007), you qualify for this credit. This means donations up to, and including, $200 will be able to claim a 40% tax credit, and donations between $201 and $1,000 will be able to claim a 54% tax credit!

Pro tip: if you sign on as a HoHoTO sponsor, you’re also eligible to receive a tax receipt – and you don’t actually need to be a business to be a sponsor. Sponsorship packages start at $250 and go up from there, so if you’re interested in sponsoring get in touch before tomorrow night!