Hangover Auction Prize Lots & Times

We’re all chomping at the bit to know what’s up for grabs tonight at the Hangover Auction, and finally the list!!!

8:00-8:30 Lots

#Lot1 – Sony eReader

  • Sony eReader ($200)
  • Sponsor @EdenSpodek

#Lot2 – Cloud Space

  • 2.5 hours of collaborative at Cloud Espresso Bar, 968 Queen Street West, Toronto ($200)
  • Sponsors – @CloudAdAgency & SMG

8:30-9:00  Lots

#Lot3 – Geek Wardrobe Plus

  • more than a week’s worth of teeshirts (mens large) from interesting and cool companies across Toronto (~$100)
  • a GM performance jacket ($100)
  • a collection of manly books from Raincoast Books ($72)
  • Sponsors – Various including: @rightsleeve @yousayyeah @yahoo  @caplanskys @raincoastbooks …

#Lot4 – White Blackberry Torch

  • a White Blackberry Torch ($610)
  • $100 Rogers Gift Card ($100)
  • Sponsors – @RogersBuzz

#LotX -Indian Cooking Class [last minute prize lot]

9:00-9:30 Lots

#Lot5 – Kobo Science Geek

  • Kobo + 2 downloadable books ($175)
  • Science Nerd Gift Pack containing books, teeshirt, USB plasma ball, Atomic food containers and more ($100)
  • Sponsors – @kobo @1degreebio

#Lot6 – Hotel Stay & Travel Books

  • 1 night stay at the Hilton Garden Inn on Dundas East, and breakfast for 2 ($150)
  • Lonely Planet’s A Year of Adventures ($20)
  • Lonely Planet’s Volunteer – a traveller’s guide to making a difference around the world ($20)
  • Sponsors – @HGI_INNsider & @raincoastbooks

#LotX2 –Xbox & Kinect [last minute prize lot]

  • XBox 360 (250GB) + Kinect bundle ($450)
  • Sponsors – Microsoft & @AccordionGuy

9:30-10:00 Lots

#Lot7– Spa Day

  • 1/2 Day Spa Package including: Jurlique Age-Defying Facial, Airbrush Spray tan, 3 week manicure, Wash & Blowout($225)
  • Make me a Woman by Vanessa Davis ($25)
  • Sponsors – @joliebeautybar & @raincoastbooks

#Lot8 – MaRS Video Pitch Package

  • 1 hour, 2 camera shoot to film your pitch at the MaRS Studio, Green Screen, 2 hours of post production ($2500)
  • Sponsors – @MaRSDD

#Lot9 – Motorola Milestone

  • Motorola Milestone Smartphone ($599)
  • Sponsors – @motorola_ca

10:00-10:30 Lots

#Lot10 – Sony Dream Machine

  • Sony Dream Machine speaker dock/clock radio for iPod and iPhone ($80)
  • Sponsors – @edenspodek

#Lot11 – Little Kitchen 6-courses

  • 6-course dinner for 4 catered in your home by Chef Matt Kantor of Littlekitchen.ca and Secret Pickle fame ($400)
  • Sponsors – @mattkantor

10:30-11:00 Lots

#Lot12 – Cake & Make

  • $100 gift certificate towards a custom cake for any occasion from Cake Star ($100)
  • Booze Cakes by Krystina Castella and Terry Lee Stone ($16.95)
  • Witch Craft by Margaret McGuire & Alicia Kachmar ($14.95)
  • Yum-Yum Bento Box by Crystal Watanabe & Maki Ogawa ($16.95)
  • Cookie Swap by Julia Usher ($19.99)
  • Sponsors – @cakestargirlz @raincoastbooks

#Lot13 – Camaraderie

  • a 2-month part-time membership at Camaraderie ($350)
  • Secrets of Social Media Marketing by Paul Gillin ($15.95)
  • Sponsors – @camaraderie & SMG

#Lot14 – Motorola Milestone

  • Motorola Milestone Smartphone ($599)
  • Sponsors – @motorola_ca

Jurlique Age-Defying Facial
Airbrush Spray tan
3 week manicure
Wash & Blowout

  • Secrets of Social Media Marketing by Paul Gillin ($15.95)
  • Hangover Auction How To

    Tonight is the #HoHoTO Hangover Auction,  your last chance to help HoHoTO help the world suck a little less by helping the Daily Bread.

    After Thursday’s massive, exhausting and wonderful HoHoTO Holiday Party, we’ve got some unclaimed prizes left over  so we’re auctioning them off along with a handful of goodies we kept in reserve just for you!

    There are some exceptionally groovy goodies in this list‚ terrific last minute presents for a friend, loved one, family member, or just treat yourself! We’ll get to the list of auction items shortly, but first here’s how to be  a part of it!

    • Go onto twitter from 8:00pm to 11:00pm tonight
    • Watch for the auction lots  to be announced on the @hohoto Twitter account; (the complete list will be in the next post)
    • Bid lots run for 30 minutes, so keep a close eye on the prize!
    • Place your bids in the following form:
      @hohoto #LOT<lot number> $<your bid>  – <friendly note>
      e.g.     @hohoto #LOT8 $150 –  I want this lot so badly!
    • Opening minimum bid on all items is $20. No maximum;
    • Watch for other competitive bids, and try and win your favourite auction lots!

    Rules and backgroundy details:

    • winners will be determined by the highest bid received before the window closes based on the twitter time stamp.
    • winners will be announced by the auctioneer on @hohoto
    • the final decision of the auctioneers is FINAL!
    • No late bids, no early bids will be accepted.
    • Minimum starting bid is $20.
    • Any items not bid on by the end of their allotted 30 minutes may be withdrawn and re-purposed for other charitable ends.

    We’ll contact each winning bidder and arrange for payment and collection of your prize (yes, we’ll need you to collect them‚ remember, the goal here is zero expenses, if possible. More money for the food bank);

    So get your twitter fingers ready and help push us over the $62,000 line. All proceeds, as always, to Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank

    Hangover Auction – Monday Dec 20th!

    Missed out on #HoHoTO? Didn’t win anything? Want a creative way to help us get over the $62K mark?
    Join the Hangover Auction on Monday night on twitter!

    “What is the Hangover Auction” you ask?

    It’s when we auction off all the unclaimed raffle prizes on twitter to continue raising money for Daily Bread Food Bank!  This year, in addition to the unclaimed prizes from #HoHoTO (including a Blackberry Torch and a Sony eReader), we have some late prize donations coming in and we even reserved a couple of great prizes we reserved just for the Hangover Auction (Sony Dream Machine, Kobo, Talk Nerdy To Me Prize Pack which is a gift bag of assorted science nerd stuff and books.)

    During the day Monday we’ll announce the Auction Lots and share photos of each lot on twitter!

    So tell your friends and family Monday night is booked!  Pour yourself a drink. Put on your most comfortable lounge wear and settle in with your favourite twitter device to join the fun!

    The auctions are fast and furious, with bids flying in from all over twitter. Exciting competition, fantastic prizes, raising even more money for Daily Bread and you don’t even have to put on pants!

    How To HoHoTO

    So you’ve got your HoHoTO ticket in hand and you’re getting ready to deck those halls tonight. Woohoo! Whether this is your first HoHoTO or you’re a seasoned reveler, we thought these ten quick tips and reminders might come in handy:

    1. GET YOUR VENUE ON: HoHoTO is once more at The Mod Club – they’ve been really good to us every year and we couldn’t do it without the generosity of Jorge and his crew who donate the space and their time to help make this event happen. Be nice to the staff and remember to tip – they’re working for free.

    Mod Club
    722 College St.
    Toronto, Ontario M6G 1C4
    Doors: 7:00 pm

    2. GET YOUR ECO TIX ON: Bring your ticket with you to speed the lines at the door. If you can, save a tree and bring the email copy of your ticket on your smartphone. If you forget both, don’t worry – we’ve made a list (and checked it twice);

    3. GET YOUR NOSH ON: Please try to bring a bag of non-perishable groceries for Daily Bread Food Bank. There’s a list of the most needed items here and you’ll find a Metro supermarket right across the road from the Mod Club

    4. GET YOUR GLAD RAGS ON: About that dress code. There isn’t one. Come as you are or dress to impress. Whatever you’d wear if you weren’t so square, or perhaps just the same old jeans and top you still feel most comfortable in. Oh – but definitely wear your dancing shoes.

    5. GET YOUR RAFFLE ON: One of the key components of our fund-raising efforts is the HoHoTO raffle (and the Hangover Auction next week – more on that in a later message). The raffle is simple but still seems to confuse some people every year. Here’s how it works:

    – Buy tickets from the volunteers floating around all night (they’ll find you);
    – Check out the AWESOME raffle prizes upstairs – each prize pack has a box in front of it with a slot for tickets to go in;
    – Put as many tix as you want into the box or boxes of your choice;
    – ?????
    – Profit!!! (maybe)

    We start drawing for prizes at 8:30 and will announce 3 prizewinners every 15 minutes. Keep your eye on the Tweetstream or check our wall chart to see if you’ve won your heart’s desire.

    6. GET YOUR SONG ON: HoHoTO co-creators and fabulous DJs Duarte DaSilva (@modernmod) & Ryan Taylor (@ryantaylor) will be monitoring TweetDeck on stage for song requests from the crowd. Please get your requests in by tweeting artist + track followed by the hashtag #hohotodj (e.g. Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up #hohotodj)

    7. GET YOUR TWEET ON: If you’re on Foursquare, check in to HoHoTO (and go for that Swarm badge). Tweeting from the party? Use the #hohoto hashtag (and maybe get to see your tweet show up in near real-time on the big screen). Tag photos and videos with HoHoTO and post them to the Flickr and YouTube groups.

    8. GET YOUR SWAG ON: Be one of the first 100 people in line when the doors open at 7pm to get a special HoHoTO swag bag from our generous sponsors and friends of HoHoTO.

    9.GET YOUR SNAPS ON: Don’t forget to get your glamourous HoHoTO Holiday picture taken in the HoHoTO Photo Booth upstairs. Our pro-ho-ho photographers are ready and willing to make you look fabulous for a modest donation to Daily Bread.

    10. GET YOUR BRAIN ON: Please. Do NOT drink and drive. We love you just the way you are – not the wrapped-round a tree or rotting in jail version. Leave the car at home. Be smart. Share a cab. Save a life.

    And finally – huge and heartfelt thanks from your entire HoHoTO organizing committee – who are:

    Leila Boujnane: CEO,  Idée Inc.

    Alexa Clark: Managing Partner, Plethora Press

    Ryan Coleman: Applied Innovation Specialist, BMO Financial Group

    Duarte Da Silva: Senior Manager, Communitylend.com

    April Dunford: VP Marketing, Solarsoft Business Systems

    Peter Flaschner: Creative and Community Director, Sequentia Environics

    Rob Hyndman: Founder, Hyndman | Law

    Sheri Moore: Partner, Creative Director, MCC – Moore Carlyle Consulting

    Alistair Morton: Creative Director, Partner, Peapod Studios

    Michael O’Connor Clarke:  Vice President, Digital, Media Profile

    Michael Penney: El Presidente, Afterlight Films

    Michele Perras: Manager,  Mobile Experience Innovation Centre

    Corey Reid: Chief Cat Herder, FreshBooks

    Ryan Taylor: Goldsmith, Adventurer, The Fair Trade Jewellery Co.

    Rannie Turingan: Photographer, photojunkie.ca

    Elena Yunusov: Founder, communicable.ca

    HoHoTO Raffle Goodies

    One of the ways we help Daily Bread at HoHoTO is to raise more money with raffle ticket sales. Every year, our generous in-kind sponsors step up with fantastic prizes and this year they have out done themselves.

    We have three prizes being given away every 15 minutes, and four at the top of every hour.  That’s 42 prize draws happening between 8:30-11:30 tonight.

    So many fantastic prizes came flooding in we had to bundle some of them together. Most of the raffle prizes are now valued between $150-300 (with some much, much higher).  Even after bundling, we still ran out of space in our schedule to draw them all tonight. So some have been reserved some for Monday’s HoHoTO Hangover Auction.

    We’ve got amazing prizes in every window! So don’t miss out on the early draws (there’s always less competition for those).

    Here’s a partial list of the prizes. We have something  for almost everyone’s tastes:  from fencing to food, baskets to books, tech toys to more tech toys:

    • Eco Prize Basket from Bullfrog Power (value $250)
    • 14 course dinner for 4 catered by Little Kitchen ($600)
    • 3 Kobos each with 2 free books ($175, with one for Hangover Auction)
    • 2 Geek Wardrobes with surprize bonuses: 1 Men’s large, 1 women’s large ($200 each)
    • 2 $100 gift certificates for C5 bundled with fantastic cookbooks ($150+)
    • 10 Hours of Foil Fencing Training plus Original Fencing Artwork ($300)
    • Sony eReaders from Eden Spodek ($200)
    • Premium award-winning Olive Oil collection ($150)
    • $250 Gift Certificate for FabFind ($250)
    • Science Nerd Gift Basket from 1DegreeBio ($100)
    • Photo Still Life from Pat Anderson ($240)
    • 10 hours of collaboration space rental from Cloud Ad Agents (and a 2.5 hour block for the Hangover Auction)
    • Cell phone and 3-month plan from Mobilicity, bundled with some hipster books from Raincoast ($200)
    • Dinner for 2 from Ronica Cooks + a $50 Type Books gift certificate ($150)
    • Dion Phaneuf’s Maple Leaf jersey and 2 tickets to the Leafs vs Hurricanes on Dec 28th ($300)
    • Designer’s Night In Gift Basket from Peapod Studios ($200)

    …and from 9:15 to 9:45 we’re running a special Rogers Raffle Window with tech toys amundo including the killer Samsung Galaxy TAB valued at $625

    So don’t forget to buy your Raffle Tickets – you’ve got to be in it to win it.

    Besides, $25 worth of tickets will buy an emergency food hamper for a family of four.  Hit a bank machine before you come out tonight and wear your lucky underpants. Even if you don’t get lucky, you might get lucky…