Day 12 – Silent Raffle Tickets Buy an Arm’s Length – 13 Days of #HoHoTO

We all love to win and this year’s Silent Raffle is filled with great goodies to win from our very generous sponsors!

The best part? Every raffle ticket you buy will help feed the hungry and that makes you a winner whether you walk away with a prize or not.

And for $25 you get an arms length of raffle tickets!

Get Your Tickets Here

From 8:30-11:30 we will be giving away three prizes every 15 minutes.  That’s a new winner every 5 minutes!  We’ve got amazing prizes in every window! So don’t miss out on the early draws (there’s always less competition for those).

We have prizes ranging in value from $150-$2000!  And we’ve had so many fantastic prizes came flooding in we had to bundle some of them together. Even after bundling, we ran out of space in our schedule to draw them all at HoHoTO. So some have been reserved some for the HoHoTO Hangover Auction on Dec 20th.


Here’s a partial list of the prizes. We have something  for almost everyone’s tastes:  from baskets to bedroom toys, restaurants to refreshing spas, tech toys to more tech toys:

  • HTC Jetstream Tablet from Rogers ($800)
  • 15 course dinner for 2 catered by Chef Matt Kantor ($1000)
  • Blue Rodeo Prize pack from officialCommunity ($210)
  • Linksys Ultimate Home Networking Package from Linksys/Cisco ($485)
  • Beaded Animal from Eat My Words ($250)
  • 25,000 Aeroplan points from Aeroplan (~$200+)
  • Restaurant-a-month prize pack including Linda Modern Thai, Luma, Caplansky’s, Lou Dawgs, School and more! ($650+)
  • 3 month membership in Chateau des Charmes Wine Club ($185)
  • Prize Pack from the Leslieville Merchants ($360)
  • Full site design & build, custom logo design or consulting from The Blog Studio ($2000)
  • a bunch of smart phones from Rogers – Samsung, Motorola, LG, Blackberry, HTC, Sony (7 of them ranging from $360-650)
  • Gold Topaz Earrings from Best Bargains ($1500)

So don’t forget to buy your Raffle Tickets – you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Besides, $25 worth of tickets  will buy an emergency food hamper for a family of four.  Hit a bank machine before you come out on Thursday and wear your lucky underpants. Even if you don’t get lucky, you might get lucky…

Day 6 – Promo Codes For the HoHoTO-lidays – 13 Days of #HoHoTO

It’s nice to do something nice for others.  But sometimes, it’s nice to do something for ourselves too.  Especially during the HoHoTO season when we’re all giving and helping the world suck a little less.

Well today’s 13 Days of HoHoTO How To Help Tip lets you do something special for yourself by using our sponsor’s Promo Codes to raise a little more money for Daily Bread!HoHo!

Rent Frock Repeat, get yourself the hottest frocks for all your parties at a fraction of the price of using the following promo code:

From now to Dec. 15, use promo code HOHOTO at checkout and Rent Frock Repeat will donate 10% of that rental to HoHoTO – rent a dress, donate the rest!

Ohhh Canada, for a little something extra under the tree or in the bed:

Buy sex toys & raise funds for #hohoto (no joke!) Use code #hohoto at Ohhh Canada before Dec 16 and $1 will be donated to HoHoTO and you’ll also save a $1

Homestars, save yourself and others from home owner’s nightmares and focus on the joy of the season:

Homestars will donate $20 to HoHoTO when you write 2 reviews.
Just take 5 minutes and tell other about your experiences – good or bad — on any contractor, repair-man or service provider you’ve hired.  The more your write, the more you raise!
Click here to get started


Day 5 – Psst… we hear that you’d do an awesome job running a food drive. Check out our quick start guide! – 13 Days of #HoHoTO

What? You want to run a HoHoTO food drive?! That’s GREAT!

HoHoTO is all about the spirit of pulling together (especially at the last minute!) and doing good for the local community.  The Daily Bread Food Bank needs you more than ever this year – so thanks for stepping up!

We’ve made it as simple as can be for you to organize your company, team, group — whatever you’re a part of where people are working together — for a fun, fast and oh-so-needed food drive.

Here’s your easy-peasy step-by-step ‘how to’ for running your own food drive. Start today, every little bit helps!

1. Get started! Decide on a date (now until December 15th!) and set up where you’ll collect your donations. Jazz up some boxes and containers with HoHoTO decor to hold all the goodies you’ll be getting. Good places to get boxes are at the LCBO or major supermarkets, or try using a large FedEx/UPS shipping box.  Laundry baskets will work too!

2. Enroll your food drive with the Daily Bread Food Bank by filling out the  participation form or just get started (you can connect with DBFB at the end of your drive too).

3. Get folks on board to help with your food drive (employees, customers, members, etc.) via a quick email, posters, flyers. etc. Daily Bread has some pre-made posters you can grab off their website here.

4. Use email, web, Facebook,and Twitter to promote your food drive. Let us know about your food drive and we’ll tell everyone how awesome you are for helping out!

5. Start collecting food. Make sure you let everyone know about Daily Bread’s most needed food items including peanut butter, rice, dry pasta and sauce, baby formula and food, dried or canned beans, canned tuna and meat, canned fruits and vegetables. Try a theme per day for a week, Monday is Italian (pasta and sauce!), Tuesday is Farmer’s Market (canned fruits and veggies), etc.

6. Smile. Feel good about making a difference. (Yup, it’s that easy!)   Don’t forget to grab your tickets to HoHoTO so you can celebrate your successful food drive at the best party of the year!

7. Get your donations to DBFB.  At the end of your drive, bring the food you’ve collected when you come to #HoHoTO at the Mod Club.
Other ways to deliver the food:

  • Daily Bread Food Bank will pick up your donations (just fill out the pick up request form),
  •  or you can can drop them off at any fire station
  • or the DBFB main office at 191 New Toronto Street.

Let them know you were part of the #HoHoTO drive so we can count your food donations to our total for the event!

Need some more help? Get in touch and we’d be happy to give you some more tips and suggestions.  Thanks for being a rockstar and helping make the world suck a little less this HoHoTO season. We <3 U!

Written by: Heather Williams
Photo credit: Ryan Taylor