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Media inquiries: info@hohoto.ca

Sponsorship info: sponsors@hohoto.ca

Volunteering: help@hohoto.ca



HoHoTO is the collaborative product of hundreds of people, including the sponsors, attendees and everyone who has ever tweeted, blogged or even talked about it.

Of course, someone has to get stuff done, and that’s where we come in, your happy band of organizers. Follow us on Twitter, and elsewhere – you never know where we might lead you:


Leila Boujnane: CEO,  Idée Inc.

Alexa Clark: Managing Partner, Plethora Press

Ryan Coleman: Applied Innovation Specialist, BMO Financial Group

Duarte Da Silva: Senior Manager, Communitylend.com

April Dunford: VP Marketing, Solarsoft Business Systems

Rob Hyndman: Founder, Hyndman | Law

Sheri Moore: Partner, Creative Director, MCC – Moore Carlyle Consulting

Michael Penney: El Presidente, Afterlight Films

Corey Reid: Chief Cat Herder, FreshBooks

Rannie Turingan: Photographer, photojunkie.ca

Elena Yunusov: Twitterer-in-Chief, communicable.ca