FITC welcomes the YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre for FITC Toronto 2017 coming up April 22 through 24

HoHoTO 2016 was a major success and our team could not have pulled off such an epic event without the help of our sponsors. FITC—the Future of Innovation, Technology, and Creativity— was one of many sponsors that offered their support with last year’s holiday party and our inaugural Girls’ Tech Tour.

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We are excited to announce that 15 girls from YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre will be attending FITC Toronto 2017, to learn from the brightest creative and design minds, and be inspired to pursue a career in technology.

FITC Toronto 2017 is a wonderful opportunity to inspire the girls from the Centre who have a particular interest in technology and design. It will also expose the girls to informative talks, installations, and presentations from leaders in the digital, design, and media industry all over the world.


The YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre in east Toronto is the only centre of its kind in Canada. This centre serves girls ages 9-18, of all ethnicities and belief systems, by providing a safe space, food, activities, and learning programs, 7 days a week.

With our collective efforts, we can provide hundreds of girls with new opportunities in business and technology. HoHoTO’s long-term mission is to fund the entire annual budget of the Girl’s Centre. Then open another.

Girls from the YWCA Toronto's Girls' Centre


Attending FITC Toronto 2017 is sure to leave you inspired with new insights and strategies that could potentially change the dynamic of your personal or professional work.

If you’d like to attend this conference, we encourage you to buy your tickets now! Ticket prices vary depending on whether you are a student, attending with a group, attending for one day or the entire conference, or attending workshops only.

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We thank FITC for partnering with us in providing more opportunities for the next generation of digital professionals, and we thank all of our supporters for their participation and donations!