13 Days of HoHoTO – Day 1 – Bling Your Sig

Only 13 days to go! #HoHoTO is coming fast!

You may have seen our announcement yesterday that we have broken the $40,000 mark in this year’s fundraising efforts for the Daily Bread Food Bank, but they need 1.2 million dollars!

With everyone asking “how can we help?”  we thought we’d give a little guide to the:

13 Days of HoHoTO – 13 ways you can help make a difference for Daily Bread Food Bank this HoHoTO season.

Of course, not everybody is on Twitter (er… they aren’t?).  So if you’re a HoHoTO supporter, how else can you help spread the word to all those people you know who are still stuck in the steam-powered world of email?

Add a little something extra to your email signature? A little something like this, perhaps:

A proud supporter of:

A Holiday party to raise sorely-needed funds for Daily Bread Food Bank
A hyper-connected social media movement
A remarkable example of the power of self-organizing online groups
Please learn more about this amazing effort at http://beta.hohoto.ca

Copy & paste y’all. Copy & paste.

HoHoTO 2011 – We Need YOU!

Here’s why we do this: (from Daily Bread Food Bank)

With a shortfall of 140,000 pounds of food and $85,000 from the Fall Drive, Daily Bread is looking to raise 1.2 million pounds of food and 1.2 million dollars by January 4 in order to ensure that food continues to go out over the winter months to families struggling with hunger.

While HoHoTO is a great party and a fantastic way to reconnect with everyone you know online but rarely get to see IRL, it is also an important Act of Good which you are doing by buying your ticket, getting a raffle ticket,  getting your photo taken at the pHoHoToBooth, and sponsoring HoHoTO!

We need your help, because they need our help.

If you are interested in speaking with us about how you can help, ping sponsors@beta.hohoto.ca

Just by taking one of these small actions, we as a community can make the world suck a little less!