Day 12 – Silent Raffle Tickets Buy an Arm’s Length – 13 Days of #HoHoTO

We all love to win and this year’s Silent Raffle is filled with great goodies to win from our very generous sponsors!

The best part? Every raffle ticket you buy will help feed the hungry and that makes you a winner whether you walk away with a prize or not.

And for $25 you get an arms length of raffle tickets!

Get Your Tickets Here

From 8:30-11:30 we will be giving away three prizes every 15 minutes.  That’s a new winner every 5 minutes!  We’ve got amazing prizes in every window! So don’t miss out on the early draws (there’s always less competition for those).

We have prizes ranging in value from $150-$2000!  And we’ve had so many fantastic prizes came flooding in we had to bundle some of them together. Even after bundling, we ran out of space in our schedule to draw them all at HoHoTO. So some have been reserved some for the HoHoTO Hangover Auction on Dec 20th.


Here’s a partial list of the prizes. We have something  for almost everyone’s tastes:  from baskets to bedroom toys, restaurants to refreshing spas, tech toys to more tech toys:

  • HTC Jetstream Tablet from Rogers ($800)
  • 15 course dinner for 2 catered by Chef Matt Kantor ($1000)
  • Blue Rodeo Prize pack from officialCommunity ($210)
  • Linksys Ultimate Home Networking Package from Linksys/Cisco ($485)
  • Beaded Animal from Eat My Words ($250)
  • 25,000 Aeroplan points from Aeroplan (~$200+)
  • Restaurant-a-month prize pack including Linda Modern Thai, Luma, Caplansky’s, Lou Dawgs, School and more! ($650+)
  • 3 month membership in Chateau des Charmes Wine Club ($185)
  • Prize Pack from the Leslieville Merchants ($360)
  • Full site design & build, custom logo design or consulting from The Blog Studio ($2000)
  • a bunch of smart phones from Rogers – Samsung, Motorola, LG, Blackberry, HTC, Sony (7 of them ranging from $360-650)
  • Gold Topaz Earrings from Best Bargains ($1500)

So don’t forget to buy your Raffle Tickets – you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Besides, $25 worth of tickets  will buy an emergency food hamper for a family of four.  Hit a bank machine before you come out on Thursday and wear your lucky underpants. Even if you don’t get lucky, you might get lucky…

Day 11 – Tunes for Toonies – 13 Days of #HoHoTO

For the past three years Ryan Taylor  (you might remember him as a giant elf) and Duarte Da Silva have provided the kickass music selection that keeps  HoHoTO going long into the night.

Sadly, this year our favourite elf is too busy at the North Pole polishing his jewels to join us. Instead, special DJ guests will join Duarte on stage during the night – let’s call them Santa’s Little Helpers.

Also new this year, we WILL entertain your musical requests — but as you might expect with everything HoHoTO-related, we want your song selections to contribute to the cause. We’ll have a collection box at the front of the stage, along with a Sharpie and a stack of Post-Its.

Got a tune you really want to hear? Pop a toonie in the box and scribble out your choice (clearly!) on a Post-It. Had it to the DJ or one of the on-stage helpers, and…

We will make our best effort to play your request during the night BUT… we should warn you: we’re music snobs.

The DJs’ decision, as ultimate arbiters of taste, is absolutely final. If we determine your taste in music is lacking or generally dodgy, we reserve the right to publicly ridicule your choice and may or may not refund the $2 (we won’t) depending on how many cocktails you’ve bought us.

If, however, we approve of your song selection, we will give you a high five, regale you with public accolades, and may or may not refund the $2 (we won’t).

Remember, with every song request donation you make, you are helping feed a family and making the world suck a little less.

Your toonies for tunes lead to fewer empty spoons.

Day 8- Daily Bread needs Food too!

As part of our 13 days of #HoHoTo blog series, we thought we would put the spotlight on how else to help beyond cold hard cash.  This year, food bank supplies are running at their lowest ever.  Along with your party pants, and dancing shoes, please bring with some food to donate to our drive. Our friends at The Daily Bread Food Bank have identified some of the most needed food items.


They include:

  • Baby Food and formula
  • Beans in Sauce
  • Canned Chilli
  • Canned Fish
  • Canned Fruit
  • Canned Meat
  • Canned Stew
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Canned, Powdered or Tetra Pak cartons of milk
  • Cold Cereal
  • Dried pasta & tomato sauce
  • Fruit & Veggie Juice (ie V8)
  • Lentils
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Peanut Butter
  • Rice

As a rule of thumb, pick the food you know YOU would want to eat.  There’s a handy dandy grocery store and pharmacy located across the street from HoHoTO party central if you want to pick up some much needed items in closer proximity to the venue.  Our lovely volunteers will be ready with open arms to take your donations and anything you can bring is much appreciated!


Written by: Rochelle Latinsky

Photo Credit : Crossfit Zone

Day 7 – You + HoHoTO = Making the world a better place – 13 Days of #HoHoTO

You’re an awesome company. We’re a great cause. It’s a perfect match!

You – smart, fun, outgoing and looking to help make the world suck a little less this HoHoTO season.

Us – committed to being the most rewarding spend you can make this year. Helping people who need our support, making a difference to hundreds of our fellow Torontonians.

Why?  100% (yes, ALL) of our corporate and individual donations go directly to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

DBFB’s goal this holiday season is to collect1.2 million pounds of food and raise $1.2 million before January 3rd. They need our help – and your help! – to get there. Daily Bread serves people through neighbourhood food banks and meal programs in approximately 170 member agencies. Your donations and support are vital to ensuring they can provide food and resources to the thousands of individuals and families across Toronto who rely on them every day.

So let’s come together to make something amazing happen on December 15th this year! 

We’re looking for just a few more marquee sponsors at the $1000+ level. Are you able to step in and be our Mrs. Claus ($7,500) or Elf ($5,000) sponsor this year? Maybe a Reindeer ($2,000) or Snowflake ($1,000)? You can visit our corporate sponsor page for all the information on sponsorship levels.

We would be thrilled to welcome you to our team of amazing sponsors and will give you tons of love before, after and during our event.  Not sure you can swing a sponsorship? Why not get a group together to buy one?  Partnering with your staff, vendors or other business colleagues is a great way to build relationships, show how awesome your company is and will make a huge difference to the people going to the Daily Bread Food Bank for food every day.

Help us help the Daily Bread Food Bank this HoHoTO season — can we count on you for support?

Written by: Heather Williams
Photo credit: Chris Luckhardt

Molson Coors cares about community

It is literally true that there could be no HoHoTO without our sponsors. We can never really thank them enough for all the support, energy, creativity and cold, hard cash they bring to the cause.

One sponsor that has been with us right from the very start is Molson Coors, and we’re singling them out here for special thanks.

Every year, the HoHoTO elves awaken from their dayjobs in mid-November and set to work shaking the tree; striving to gently encourage corporations big and small to come on board as sponsors. I’ve watched the sponsor elves do their thing – they sometimes have to shake those trees seriously hard.

But the Molson Coors guys have never needed too much coaxing to get behind HoHoTO. Led by the ever-smiling Ferg Devins, they jumped in with both feet in 2008 and have supported us every year since. It’s clear the people in Molson’s PR organization really understand their relationship with the Toronto community and the role they can play.

Molson Coors’ $10,000 Santa-level sponsorship this year will feed a lot of hungry Torontonians. Knowing the importance of cash donations at this time of year, they cut us a cheque as soon as they came on board. We’ve already flowed that money straight through to the Daily Bread Food Bank so they can put it to work immediately.

Here’s the thing: Daily Bread can purchase way more food with the cash we hand over than you could ever get in a grocery store for the same dollar amount. They buy in bulk, directly from the food industry. Plus, with direct cash donations the food can get to those who need it faster because it doesn’t have to be sorted, and Daily Bread can focus on purchasing the food they are in short supply of – essential staples like baby formula and pasta.

The Molson team gets this, but for them it’s not just about the cash. Take a few minutes wandering through the Molson in the Community blog and you’ll soon see they’re genuinely giving where they’re living. The team there supports a host of important causes and they roll up their sleeves and dive in to help. We think that’s pretty frigging awesome for a beer company.

They’ll tell you they’re proud to play their part. Well we’re proud to have them back on board this year as a leading supporter of HoHoTo.

Ferg, Tonia, Adam and the whole Molson Coors team – we’ve got one word for you: cheers!