Raffle Wednesday: You Can’t Win If You Don’t Come Out to Play

Need another reason to attend HoHoTO? How about being able to buy raffle tickets and win amazing prizes!

What prizes, you ask? Here are what we have so far (though we are still looking for prizes so if you have something or know of someone who has something, contact Wendy, Katie, or  tweet us):

And much more to come!  Get tickets to HoHoTO and buy your raffle tickets now so you don’t miss out.

For the first time, we’re offering you the opportunity to pre-buy raffle tickets through our awesome ticketing partner, Uniiverse, which you’ll pick up onsite at the party — you can, of course, also buy tickets (or MORE tickets, aw yeah) when you get there.  And you have to be at the party to win, because you pick up the prize while you’re there!

Another way to give: Pay for your potty mouth!

After you’ve bought your tickets or chosen to sponsor HoHoTO, there are still ways to bring more money to Daily Bread Food Bank. How about a swear jar? Here’s what to do.

1. Make the rules. Maybe it’s swearing, or maybe you have special words in your workplace that you’re not “allowed” to use – or maybe, you can pick the most common industry jargon and charge people for saying it, if you want to make lots of cash! You can assign monetary values, or make it pay-what-you-wish. You know your colleagues best.

2. Get a jar, or box, or container with a hole in the top! Label or decorate it, or make a big sign for wherever you plan to place it. Post the rules.

3. In some workplaces, the powers that be may appreciate your asking permission, so please do.

4. Be strict! Make people cough up. Let them know that the money is going straight to Daily Bread!

5. Bring the money with you to HoHoTO on December 19th. Bask in the glow of feeding people in need.


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Photo courtesy of Wendy Koslow