Nervous about coming to HoHoTO? Here’s what you can expect

Andrew Louis/Flickr

I remember the first time I wanted to go to HoHoTO.

It was 2009 — the second year of the event — I was reading so much about this cool party coming up on Twitter. I was relatively new to Twitter, having just joined the microblogging site earlier that year.

I kept wavering back and forth about going. I knew people who were going. Some of the people who were going I didn’t know, but followed on Twitter. Did I belong at this event? I wasn’t so sure.

I didn’t go that year. In fact, it took me three more years before I finally stepped outside of my comfort zone and made my first appearance at a HoHoTo event. And I didn’t know why it took me three years to finally do it — I had so much fun.

Here are some of the highlights of what you can expect:

  • Catch up with old friends and meet some new ones: HoHoTO is referred to as “the party that Twitter” built, and it very much is that. I had a great time last year finally meeting some people IRL that up until then I had only conversed with on Twitter.
  • Make more of a difference: You can make a difference by bringing canned food with you to donate to Daily Bread. The more you donate, the more we can help.
  • Have a chance to win some cool stuff: Of course, we also raise money raffling off some awesome prizes. You can even buy raffle tickets online this year, making it even easier for you to come to the party and try to win something great. Past raffle prizes include smartphones, spa gift certificates and so much more. Stay tuned for more details on this year’s raffle.

So if you’re thinking about attending HoHoTO, but not quite sure, buy your ticket and come. Trust me, it’s the best party you’ve never been to.

Who belongs at HoHoTO? You do!

Alexa Clark/Flickr

 When HoHoTO began in 2008, its first attendees were mainly from the technology and startup communities.

Being “the party that Twitter built,” it just made sense. After all, Twitter at that point was only a couple of years old, and early adopters to the microblogging site were mainly focused in those communities.

But as HoHoTO has grown over the years, so has its attendee base. Nowadays, you’re still likely to see the folks from the startup and technology worlds, but you’re also likely to see people from communications, the social media sphere, and people just out to do a good deed and raise some money for the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Since 2008, HoHoTO has raised more than $285,000 for Daily Bread. With your help, this year we can push that number to more than $300,000, and help some families in need this holiday season.

Not sure if you fit into the HoHoTO bucket? Don’t be shy, come out anyway! To ensure you have a great time, grab a bunch of your friends and buy a fistful of tickets. Coming with an entourage is definitely a way to make sure people you know are there.

But being that this is a social event, the other great way to scope out the guest list is to check out the #HoHoTO hashtag on Twitter and chat with other people who are coming (who you may not even know yet)!

We’ll see you on December 19!