Rogers $25 Raffle Ticket Deal – Touch Gloves!

[This is a guest post from Elise Ondet, part of the Social Media Team at Rogers]

Spend $25 on tickets, get warm device-happy fingers for you and help feed a family of four!

Hello, HoHoTOers!

I’ve got good news for your cold-but-device-happy fingers AND your conscience: Rogers has partnered up with HoHoTO so that the first 100 people to find a Rogers team member after spending $25 or more on raffle tickets at the event will get a complimentary pair of device-friendly touch gloves! While supplies last of course, but there are 100 pairs!

You’re also helping out a family of four at the same time, since $25 will provide them with an emergency food hamper.

Here’s how the Glove redemption will work:

  • Once you purchase $25 or more on raffle tickets, take your tickets to a member of the Rogers social media team (we’ll be in our red shirts so you’ll know who we are) and show them your tickets.
  • The team will then mark your tickets and give you your pair of complimentary Touch Gloves so you can still tweet up a storm while you are outside.

Looking forward to seeing you all at HoHoTO tonight!

The world sucks a little more right now…

On Sunday, October 14th, 2012, HoHoTO lost one of our founders, friends and bright shining lights,  Michael O’Connor Clarke, to esophageal cancer.
Up At the HoHoTO Raffle Booth

The Daily Bread Food Bank was an organization near and dear to Michael’s heart.  He had a great sense of community and an insatiable desire to help his neighbours who are hungry live with diginity. As a result, Michael has always been very hands-on with HoHoTO and his impact can be seen in every word written and dollar raised over the past four years.

It was Michael who first coined HoHoTo’s catch phrase, “help make the world suck a little less.” In this time of darkness, you can help make the world suck a little less. Leona, Michael’s wife, has asked that people donate to the Daily Bread Food Bank in Michael’s name in lieu of flowers for the funeral.

Michael’s death is reverberating through the hearts and souls of all who knew him, and through the internet in the form of countless tweets and blog tributes. Here are just a few of the words being said. Feel free to add your own in the comments of this post.

Lights! Camera! Donations!

Lots of folks want to help out with HoHoTO, and everyone brings their own special gifts. While at the end of the day we’re all about getting more money into the hands of the good people at the Daily Bread Food Bank, sometimes we get an offer to help out that’s unlike any other.

The good folks at Cartilage Inc. offered to create a documentary film about our event, and came down to the part with cameras and lights and action enough for us all.

Cartilage Inc. was excited to help out, while spreading their own social media wings, and so they are making a short-sweet-n-shareable web documentary. Director Brett Blackwell and producer Matt Kloske worked with the HoHoTO crew to grab interviews from founding members and plenty of footage from the event held at Virgin Mobile Mod Club. Here we present to you the teaser trailer for the full documentary.

Please share it around to your friends! Cartilage Inc. is going to wait until the trailer reaches 5,000 views before they release the full documentary, so encourage everyone you know to watch!