Join us or follow us! Find us on Twitter, and elsewhere – you never know where we might lead you! HoHoTO’s story started when a group of friends came together in 13 days to pull off the party of the year, and it grew from there. Since then team members have come and gone, but the passion and dedication has remained.

Recent team members

Lee Dale, Co-chair
Ryan Taylor, Co-chair
Niya Bajaj, Sponsorship & logistics
Rajesh Kutty, Sponsorship
Jason Carlin, Finance
Rochelle Latinsky, Volunteers & Coordinator
Matthew Burpee, Communications
Lauren Souch, Communications
Keith Foster, Web development

HoHoTO’s founders

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the collective awesomeness of the HoHoTO founders and other past volunteers. Thank you to each and everyone one of you.

Leila Boujnane: CEO, Idée Inc.
Alexa Clark: Managing Partner, Plethora Press
Ryan Coleman: Applied Innovation Specialist, BMO Financial Group
Duarte Da Silva: Senior Manager,
April Dunford: VP Marketing, Solarsoft Business Systems
Rob Hyndman: Founder, Hyndman | Law
Sheri Moore: Partner, Creative Director, MCC – Moore Carlyle Consulting
Michael Penney: El Presidente, Afterlight Films
Corey Reid: Chief Cat Herder, FreshBooks
Rannie Turingan: Photographer,
Elena Yunusov: Twitterer-in-Chief,


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