FITC presents ‘Giving Tuesday’ on November 29 in support of HoHoTO

FITC's Giving Tuesday

We are extremely grateful to FITC for their support with this year’s HoHoTO holiday party and HoHoTO initiatives, including the Girls’ Tech Tour.

When FITC heard about our partnership with the YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre and our newest effort, the Girls’ Tech Tour, FITC donated 20 passes for their April, 2017, 3-day event, FITC Toronto 2017 to the Girls’ Centre.

FITC Toronto 2017 is the premier annual technology and creativity conference. It is a “professional celebration of the top design, web development, media, and innovation in creative technologies.”

Thanks to FITC, girls from the Girls’ Centre will attend and be inspired by the talks, activities, and other conference attendees.

Buy your tickets to FITC Toronto 2017 or FITC Amsterdam X on Tuesday, November 29, better known as “Giving Tuesday” and for every ticket purchased, FITC will donate $50 of the proceeds to YWCA Toronto also match that donation. That’s $100 towards YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre for every ticket sold!

Purchasers will receive a $50 tax credit from YWCA Toronto, and help girls between the ages of 13-18 in providing them opportunities to learn new skills in business, technology, and science.

The YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre in east Toronto is the only centre of its kind in Canada. This centre serves girls ages 9-18, of all ethnicities and belief systems, by providing a safe space, food, activities, and learning programs, 7 days a week.

With our collective efforts, we can provide hundreds of girls with new opportunities in business and technology. HoHoTO’s long-term mission is to fund the entire annual budget of the Girl’s Centre. Then open another.

We thank FITC for partnering with us in providing more opportunities for the next generation of digital professionals, and we thank all of our supporters for their participation and donations! This is all possible because of you!

Buy tickets to FITC (on Tuesday Nov 29)


Buying a ticket on #GivingTuesday will help support HoHoTO initiatives like the Girls’ Tech Tour.







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