Dim all the lights and pump up the volume, this year’s DJ lineup for HoHoTO at the Mod Club on Dec 1.

HoHoTO is two weeks away! As we inch closer to the event, we will be sharing various details regarding what to expect at the party that Twitter started.

In particular, we are extremely excited to announce the HoHoTO DJ lineup for this year’s holiday party.

We selected a lineup of DJs whom we know are capable to set the atmosphere for an electric party like HoHoTO.


Dre and Nino

This dynamic duo will grace HoHoTO with dancehall, hip hop, R’n’B, and mashups to amp up the dancefloor for their not one, not two, but three-hour set! Now, for a little background on these talented spinners.

Dre Nzogi

Dre Ngozi


“Sound selecta” and “creative creature” Dre Ngozi has been spinning at several local spots in Toronto for quite some time now. She presenting sets in the hip-hop, twerk, and mashups.

Nino Brown

Nino Brown


Nino Brown is the founder of Yes Yes Yall, “Toronto’s biggest, bashiest, sweatiest queer hip hop, R’n’B, dancehall jam.” For sure, her sets are know to keep people on their feet!

Also part of this year’s HoHoTO DJ lineup are returning DJ heroes DJ Digital and DJ Marmalade.

DJ Digital

DJ Digital


DJ Digital has been spinning funky dance tunes of sorts since his teenage years. Today, DJ Digital is passionate with mashups, house, and classics. He offers his DJ skills at parties for nonprofits and charities such as Movember, Social Media Week, and Social Media Café.

DJ Marmalade

DJ Marmalade


After 20 years behind the turntables, DJ Marmalade is no stranger to the art of party rocking.  His love for hip hop, rap, R&B, dancehall, reggae, and pop fuels his passion for those smooth blends and DJ tricks that fuel late nights on the dancefloor. Expect an eclectic blend of songs you grew up on, songs you’re bumping right now, and a few surprises thrown in the mix!


As thrilling as the HoHoTO DJ lineup is this year, we stress to inform you that HoHoTO is not merely a party. Rather, it is an ongoing effort put on by the digital community to support Toronto charities and non-profit organizations.

Since 2008, we have raised over $400,000 for multiple charities and non-profit ogranizations, one being YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre.

At this year’s HoHoTO you are guaranteed to have a good time, all while fundraising for an amazing cause. We hope to see you at the Mod Club on December 1!

Grab your tickets now!

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