Sponsorship Roundup #2: Why do you support HoHoTO & The Daily Bread Food Bank?

Take one part fun, one part fundraiser, throw in some serious holiday cheer and you’ve got one heck of a party: HoHoTO.

We’ve got some truly generous sponsors helping us make this year’s event the best yet. But don’t take our word for it – here’s what they have to say about why they’re supporting HoHoTO and The Daily Bread Food Bank.

Joseph Sulpizi, President, The Brand Factory:

“The Brand Factory believes that it is every businesses responsibility to give back to it’s neighbours, and that’s why we’re proud to support the Daily Bread Food Bank.”

Ryan Taylor, Chief Designer & Co-Founder, Fair Trade Jewellery Company (FTJCo):

“We feel an obligation to keep the spirit of HoHoTO alive. The money raised by the community supports children and their families all year round – that’s an important fact for us all to consider. Poverty touches each and every one of us in very different ways. No community is  immune from hardship. Not even the technology and design sector. So, if we all experience challenges at one time or another, no one should ever be burdened by the fear that they can not feed themselves and their families.”

Nancy Peterson,Founder & CEO, Homestars‎:

“I am supporting this cause as its imperative all of us that can, support the food bank each and every year – they do incredibly important work to feed those in need. It’s startling – but 1/3 of Toronto food bank clients are children. “

Andrew Lo, CMO/CSO, Kanetix

“A recent report by the Ontario Association of Food Banks has estimated that monthly usage of food banks has reached nearly 375,000 people per month. In addition, the report finds that first-time use has spiked by 20%. Clearly, this is an alarming trend and must be reversed. Food banks like Daily Bread deserve our support and play an important role in not just providing food to those in need, but also important community services such as shelter programs, employment search assistance and other important services – services that are the basic building blocks of society.

HoHoTO is a much-needed answer to the question of how can the wider community support an organization that gives back to those who need our help. We’re proud to support HoHoTO and make the holidays just a bit brighter for a family in need.”

Connie Crosby, Knowledge Workers Toronto:

“Throughout the year we ask our meetup group members to pay a registration fee for each of our meetings, but we sometimes collect more than we need for our operating costs. Toward the end of the year we look for a good way to give back to the community, and HoHoTO is a good fit for us. So many people in this city go hungry. We like to support our neighbours. Plus it is just an all-round excellent party!”

Panago Pizza:

“Supporting local communities has always been an important part of life at Panago because Panago starts with people—they fuel our business. We want to give back as much as we can, they are truly the reason our business keeps running and we want to make community involvement a pillar in our pay-it-forward style.  Besides, nothing beats supporting a good cause while having some good old fashion fun!

Food is not a luxury and should be accessible to everyone. The Daily Bread Food Bank offers a number of integrated programs that link individuals, companies, schools and community groups together to end hunger and poverty in Toronto – we definitely stand behind that.”

Keith McArthur, Vice President of Social Media, Rogers Communications:

Kevin Doiron, Head of Talent, VarageSale:

“Homelessness and hunger in the city are realities we want to help bring to an end, so we’ve decided to join HoHoTO in spreading the spirit of giving this holiday season! We are inspired by HoHoTO’s efforts and think it’s really great that Toronto’s tech and social community have come together over the last few years in support of the cause. Food bank use is growing every year, and with costs of food increasing annually, it gets more and more difficult for people to feed themselves and their families. If there’s something we can do to help our community and a city that we love, then we will!”

Feeling inspired? You can help us spread the love even further by becoming a HoHoTO sponsor yourself – take a look at our 2014 sponsorship deck or shoot us an email at sponsors@hohoto.ca for more info!

Not interested in becoming a sponsor? You can still help – join us at the Mod Club on December 11: 100% of ticket proceeds go to The Daily Bread Food Bank.