Gary Hilson on volunteering for #HoHoTO

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been highlighting our great team of organizers for 2014 that are working hard to make #HoHoTO the best holiday party of the year. But our organizers can’t do it all. We also rely on a group of dedicated volunteers, many that come back every year, to check guests in, collect donations at the photo booth, sell raffle tickets and much more.

To give you an idea of what it’s like to volunteer for #HoHoTO we asked volunteer Gary Hilson a few questions on his volunteer experience last year:

How did you get involved in HoHoTO?

I got involved with HoHoTO last year when I found out via Twitter the original organizers were not moving ahead but others were willing to step in to keep it going. My mom runs a food bank in my hometown so it seemed like a very appropriate cause for me to get involved in.

What’s your favourite volunteer position?

Last year I ended up working the door processing tickets as people came in and I had a blast watching all of the people come through and that’s what I get to do again this year.

What’s your favourite HoHoTO memory?

As part of the organizing committee last year, I got to stand on stage with the entire HoHoTO team with a giant cheque to announce we’d met our fundraising goal. It was a great feeling.

Any advice to any HoHoTO newbies thinking of volunteering?

Wear comfortable shoes and make sure you are well rested! And perhaps take the following day off. It’s a busy night.

Want to join us? We still have some positions available for any nightowls out there. If you’re interested contact Gina at to join in!