Sponsor Roundup: Week Three

It’s officially December, and we are counting down the days until this year’s HoHoTO!

We’re just over two weeks away from the event – be sure to pick up your ticket ASAP so you don’t miss out (and if you do so before Thursday, December 12 you’ll be entered in our early bird giveaway!)

We’ve got a few new faces to add to our “nice” list this week, so we’re sending big thanks, warm fuzzy feelings, and ample HoHoTO love out to this week’s new sponsors.

Reindeer  DevTO
Snowflake – Homestars
Photobooth Sponsor  

If you’re not convinced to sponsor HoHoTO and the Daily Bread Food Bank yet, maybe hearing from one of our awesome week three sponsors will help:

“This year is DevTO’s 3rd year to support HoHoTo and we wanted to continue our tradition of supporting local charities such as The Daily Bread food bank. As you know DevTO gets a ton of support from the community and we feel like especially during this season we can also do our part by supporting this initiative on behalf of the whole DevTO community; including all our generous sponsors, venue providers, speakers and all our attendees. HoHoTO is proof that when people come together they can deliver something really awesome. We hope to see other organizations take HoHoTO as an example of how we all can support charities and communities in a tangible way throughout the year.” DevTO

Sounds like sentiment you agree with? Then head over here for more information about the sponsorship packages we have available, or shoot me an email at sponsors@hohoto.ca with any questions you might have.

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  1. I’m prodding the sponsorship team to get a logo from you so we can post it here. We need one on white that’s bigger than the one you have on LinkedIn.

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