Sponsor Roundup: Week Two

Things are well underway for this year’s event – we’re dreaming about decking the halls, wishing for a white HoHoTO, and making our naughty and nice lists.

And our week two sponsors? They’ve definitely made their way onto our nice list permanently.

Reindeer – FreshBooks
Gingerbread – 500px
Candy Cane – Eden Spodek

If you’re not convinced to sponsor HoHoTO and the Daily Bread Food Bank yet, maybe these quotes from our awesome sponsors will help:

“Toronto is home base for FreshBooks, this is our community and these are our neighbours. No one should ever go hungry, but unfortunately, many folks do. HoHoTo  is an inspiring example of great people coming together to make a difference. FreshBooks is honoured to take part.”

“For the last 6 years HoHoTO has been a welcome reminder to us all the importance of giving back to the community and taking the time to support the less fortunate- two things that resonate deeply with all of us here at BNOTIONS” -The BNAUTS

“I’ve been a supporter of HoHoTO in one way or another since it began six years ago. It’s wonderful seeing the digital community in Toronto come together to support those less fortunate in our city. The proceeds go directly to Daily Bread Food Bank. I run a small business and fortunately, I’m able to help feed our family and put a roof over our heads. I felt the least I could do was give back by contributing to HoHoTO and help make a difference.” Eden Spodek, digital communication strategist

Ready to help? Awesome! Head over here for more information about the sponsorship packages we have available, or shoot me an email at sponsors@hohoto.ca if you want to chat about sponsoring HoHoTO and The Daily Bread Food Bank.