OK, I’m coming to HoHoTO. Now what do I wear?

So far, we’ve told you who comes to HoHoTO and what we do at HoHoTO, but we’ve left out one of the most important questions about HoHoTO: What do I wear?

The answer is surprisingly simple: You can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.

In general, the dress code is casual, but some people dress up in holiday gear or suit jackets. Wear what makes you feel best: something you can feel confident in, but can also dance in.

This is a holiday party, so feel free to add some holiday flourish to your outfit. Maybe a Santa hat, or red and green. It’s totally up to you.

Last year, I wore my favourite pair of blue jeans, which meant I didn’t have to worry about getting cold in a skirt on my way home (always a plus for someone who’s always cold). This year, I might dress it up a bit by adding a black blazer to my blue jeans, or maybe add a Santa hat to really complete my look.

If you’re coming to HoHoTO and know what you’re wearing, tell us in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “OK, I’m coming to HoHoTO. Now what do I wear?”

  1. I bought a really great white dress from H&M last year I’ve only worn once (to HoHoTO last year, actually) – so I’ll be wearing that again! …with red and green tights and my traditional mini santa hat fascinator, of course 😉

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