Sponsor Roundup: Week One

We launched ticket and sponsorship sales just last week – on November 13th – and the response so far has been amazing!

We’ve almost sold-out of early bird tickets (quick, get yours before they’re gone and prices go up!), and have had a number of sponsors generously sign on as supporters.

We’re sending a big, heartfelt thank you to all of our sponsors from the past week and a half:

ReindeerRogers, Next Issue, & Fido
SnowflakeScribble Live, Kanetix, & InsuranceHotline.com
Gingerbread – Spadina Optometry & BNOTIONS
Candycane MitreBox UXDPrint Chomp, SRED Unlimited, HomeSav & Copeesh!

Are you thinking about sponsoring HoHoTO this year?

Why not hear what some of our week one sponsors have to say about HoHoTO:

Rogers has been a sponsor of HoHoTO since the event’s early days. We’re excited to be back again this year to support the Daily Bread Food Bank. As in past years, the Rogers Social Media team will be giving away door prizes to purchasers of an arm’s length of tickets. Stay tuned to find out what this year’s goodie will be!”


“Every holiday season reminds us of the spirit of giving. HoHoTO continues to be instrumental in rallying the startup community and raising money for the people who need it most. We are happy to help again this year.” – Michael De Monte, CEO, ScribbleLive


“At this time of the year it is important to give back. Printchomp members have been a part HoHoTO for years. It is so important to give back and try to take a chomp out of this ongoing problem.” – Joseph Puopolo, Founder/CEO, PrintChomp


“At MitreBox we know how lucky we are and recognize the need to help others. Sponsoring HOHOTO and the Daily Bread Food Bank is a simple and effective way for us to give back to the community.” – Andre Gaulin, Principal and Co-Founder, MitreBox UXD


“HoHoTO gives us the opportunity to give back to our local community and share the holiday spirit with some amazing people. Lending a helping hand is what the holidays are all about.” – Nick Hajicosti, Brand Manager, InsuranceHotline.com


“‘I’m hungry!’ – Who hasn’t heard that before? It comes when we least expect it, and it hits us hard. It bogs us down and pulls us back. As a result we fight; we fight together against hunger. No one ever said, hunger is of a specific class or of a distinctive demographic. We all get hungry, it’s bound to happen.” -Tm Mahdi, CMO, Copeesh!


“As a fledgling company, we know that it takes a community to make change, to grow and to excel. We believe that HoHoTO is a strong pillar in Toronto, and we love that it began as a conversation among friends on Twitter. The story sounds all too familiar. HomeSav started as a dream of three people, and through word of mouth, we grew! As we continue to grow, we want to give back to the community that fed us. It makes perfect sense that we give to a group that raises funds for Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank, a community organization that is always in need of a helping hand—an organization that literally puts food in people’s bellies. Here’s to another great fundraising party!” – Alex Norman, CEO & Founder, HomeSav


“This is the 4th year in a row that SRED Unlimited has been sponsoring HOHOTO. It is very important for us to be and to feel like a part of the huge and wonderful community of Toronto. Many of the staff at SRED Unlimited are first-generation immigrants and can totally relate to someone who feels unsure of tomorrow and has to rely on other people’s kindness. People helped us in the past and now we try to give back.” -Dmitry Brusilovsky, Technical Director, SRED Unlimited


“The staff at KANETIX have long supported the great work of the Daily Bread Food Bank through food drives and fundraising lunches. Supporting HoHoTO as a company was an easy decision because it’s a natural extension of that ongoing support.” – Andrew Lo, CMO & CSO, Kanetix Ltd.


Convinced? Great! Head over here for more information about the sponsorship packages we have available, or shoot me an email at sponsors@hohoto.ca if you want to chat about sponsoring HoHoTO and The Daily Bread Food Bank.