Hangover Auction – How To

Tomorrow, Tuesday Dec 18th, is the #HoHoTO Hangover Auction – your last chance this year to help HoHoTO help the world suck a little less by helping Daily Bread.

We’re auctioning off  some great new prizes, the prizes that arrived late, and the small handful of unclaimed prizes left over  after Thursday’s massive, exhausting, and wonderful HoHoTO Holiday Party!

There are some exceptionally groovy goodies in this list‚ terrific last minute presents for a friend, loved one, family member, or just to treat yourself!

We’ll get to the list of auction items shortly, but first here’s how to be  a part of it!

Short version:

  • Auctions starting every 30minutes from 2:30-3:00 and 8:00-10:30pm
  • Bids must be placed using the following tweet format:
    @hohoto #LOT<lot number> $<your bid>  – <optional friendly note>
    Here’s an example of bidding $150 for Lot 8 – Raptors vs Nets game: 
    @hohoto #LOT8 $150 –  I want to watch the Raptors crush the Nets!
  • Times are based on twitter-clock.
  • All auctioneer decisions are final.
  • if @hohoto gets locked by twitter, auctions will continue on  @hangoverauction

Long version:

  • Tomorrow morning (Tuesday)  go to the blog and check out the list of Bid Lots
  • From 2:30-3:30, and 8:00pm to 11:00pm, Tuesday Dec 18th get yourself onto Twitter
  • Auction windows run for 30 minutes, and include 3 Lots so keep a close eye on the prize by following your hashtag lot number  (i.e the Lot number you want to win! e.g. #Lot3)
  • Watch for the auction bid lots   to be announced as open on the @hohoto Twitter account (Now opening bidding on #Lot3);
  • Start bidding!
    • note: bids can ONLY be accepted in this format):
      @hohoto #LOT<lot number> $<your bid>  – <optional friendly note>
      e.g.  @hohoto #LOT8 $150 –  I want this prize so badly!
  • Watch for other competitive bids, and try to win your favourite auction lot!
  • Bidding closes firmly as the twitter clock rolls over to the next window (i.e. 8:29:59 bids will be accepted for 8:00 lots, 8:30 bids will not)

Rules and backgroundy details:

  • Winners will be determined by the highest bid received at or before the time the relevant bidding window closes, based on the Twitter time stamp.
  • Winners will be announced by the auctioneer on @hohoto
  • The final decision of the auctioneers is FINAL!
  • No late bids, no early bids will be accepted.
  • No bidding via DM will be accepted.
  • Bids must include Lot hashtag
  • Bids must be in full dollars!
  • Opening minimum bid on most items is $20 (higher where indicated); no maximum. Remember – every dollar goes direct to feed hungry people via Daily Bread Food Bank.
  • Any items not bid on by the end of their allotted 30 minutes may be withdrawn and re-purposed for other charitable ends.
  • Prizes must be claimed in Toronto and services-type prizes must be used in the Toronto-area

Just In Case:

  • If for any reason the kind folks at Twitter decide we are tweeting too much from @hohoto, we will continue the auction at @hangoverauction

We’ll contact each winning bidder and arrange for payment and collection of your winning items (yes, we’ll need you to collect them‚ remember, the goal here is zero expenses, if possible. More money for the food bank that way).  Items must be collected within 2 months (preferably 6 days), or they will be re-purposed for other charitable ends.

All proceeds, as always, to Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank

So get your Twitter fingers ready!