Change the game, play by no rules

Remember this story of St. John Elementary school kids organizing dress-down days to support HoHoTO?! Well, their goal was to raise $250 and they beat it. They have now raised $500 for Daily Bread!  The school’s logo in the Gingerbread sponsorship category just changed the game, and these kids aren’t even coming to the party. If they can do it, can you?

HomeStars more than doubled their donation of food and funds since they joined HoHoTO as a sponsor.

Sequentia Environics originally came on board with $500 sponsorship, and has just decided to up that to $1,000.

Today, we challenge our sponsors and sponsors-to-be to up your sponsorship levels!  We give you the party of parties, and you give the food to the hungry people of Toronto. Deal?


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