Santa’s little helpers: St. John Catholic Elementary gives to HoHoTO.

We received an amazing offer of support from St. John Catholic Elementary School in Toronto and we’d like to share with you. Guess what?! Even the kids are doing it. They are supporting HoHoTO. They are feeding the hungry.

What makes this even more special? Michael’s kids attend this school. Michael co-founded HoHoTO, and his commitment to making the world suck a little less – HoHoTO’s catch phrase that he coined – lives on. These kids are amazing!

“At St. John we believe that everyone deserves a proper meal, especially on Christmas. Food is a necessity that every human deserves. It’s unfortunate that families have to worry about where they will be getting food from. HoHoTO has provided many people with food for the past few years. We wanted to support the HoHoTO because of the great work that they are doing in our city,” wrote Mosana and Connell, Grade 8, St. John Catholic Elementary.

St. John students are organizing dress down days in hopes of collecting $250 in donations for HoHoTO. Surely if the kids can do it, you can do it too.

From what we get, we can make a living. 
However, what we give, makes a life

HoHoTO is just six days away. Here’s three ways you can help:

We’re looking for sponsors. Are you able to step in and be our Mrs. Claus ($7,500) or Elf ($5,000) sponsor this year? How about a Reindeer ($2,000) or Snowflake ($1,000)? Your generosity could be your best marketing and hiring strategy yet.

We’re looking for raffle prizes. If sponsorship is not in the cards for you this year, how about donating great raffle prizes to HoHoTO? Ping @alexaclark or try

We’re selling tickets. You party for one night, they eat for one week! Put this in perspective for a minute: $40 buys one decent dinner for two, or one movie outing for two. Maybe a t-shirt or two. That same $40 would feed a family for one week, and wouldn’t that be the best gift to give someone this holiday season?

Let’s come together to help the Daily Bread Food Bank — students at St. John are doing it with their jeans and hoodies. Can we count on you for support?

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  1. When the school contacted us about this there was not a dry eye on the organising committee! What an incredible group of people and wonderful tribute to our beloved and much missed Michael.

    Thank you kids for reminding us how good the world is!

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