HoHoTO 5 ways to fundraise challenge

The Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto helps thousands of people from the GTA. How would you like to help make the world a less hungrier and a much better place?

65, 500 children rely on food banks in Toronto, and you know what? You can be what’s RIGHT with the world.

HoHoTO 5 ways to fundraise challenge

We challenged the community to come up with 5 best ways to fundraise. Some of our favourite options include:

  • Pancake breakfast or pizza lunch
  • Bake sale – cause who says no to cookies?
  • Decembeard-ize yourself for the Daily Bread
  • Foursies happy hour – Stop work at 4 p.m. one day of the week for everyone to enjoy some drink-and-nibble time, and encourage small $5-$10 donations to HoHoTO and the Daily Bread
  • Board game tournaments – or video game tournaments, or sword fighting tournament, or.. you get the idea

This fundraising thing gets as crazy – and fun – as you let it. Check out these options (seriously, take a look at that endless list of ideas) to get your creative juices flowing. What are some of your favourite, unique ways to fundraise? Do you have suggestions for us?

We’d love to hear – and feature – stories of how you and your company are supporting HoHoTO and the Daily Bread!

Big thanks to @Notashopaholic, the Daily Bread, and @photojunkie for the images.

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