HoHoTO – say it fast five times!

HoHoTO is turning five in 2012. That’s right – we are about to celebrate HoHoTO’s 5th anniversary and how do we celebrate? We focus on raising even more money for the Daily Bread! Because everyone should have enough to eat.

Challenge of 5 to the community

HoHoTO is FIVE, people! This means a lot to everyone who has ever tweeted about it, danced it off at the party, rushed to Metro across the street to get food, run a food drive, asked their company to step up as a sponsor, got photoboothed, rickrolled, single-ladied, hangovered, and raffled-out, won awesome prizes, made new friends, and had a good time for a great cause.

Can you come up with 5 ideas on how HoHoTO should celebrate our 5th year?

Surely if we put our brilliant creative minds together, we can come up with five great ways to celebrate our five years together and raise even more money for the Daily Bread. It could be anything, from tips to doing HoHoTO right to 5 best HoHoTO outfits, to 5 best holiday decorations, to 5 ways to raise $$.

Please share your ideas with #hohoto or email info@beta.hohoto.ca if your ideas are longer than 140 characters. Who knows, some of those ideas might grow into something big. HoHoTO was just an idea packed into a tweet once, too.

And the challenge is on!