The world sucks a little more right now…

On Sunday, October 14th, 2012, HoHoTO lost one of our founders, friends and bright shining lights,  Michael O’Connor Clarke, to esophageal cancer.
Up At the HoHoTO Raffle Booth

The Daily Bread Food Bank was an organization near and dear to Michael’s heart.  He had a great sense of community and an insatiable desire to help his neighbours who are hungry live with diginity. As a result, Michael has always been very hands-on with HoHoTO and his impact can be seen in every word written and dollar raised over the past four years.

It was Michael who first coined HoHoTo’s catch phrase, “help make the world suck a little less.” In this time of darkness, you can help make the world suck a little less. Leona, Michael’s wife, has asked that people donate to the Daily Bread Food Bank in Michael’s name in lieu of flowers for the funeral.

Michael’s death is reverberating through the hearts and souls of all who knew him, and through the internet in the form of countless tweets and blog tributes. Here are just a few of the words being said. Feel free to add your own in the comments of this post.

3 thoughts on “The world sucks a little more right now…”

  1. I made a donation via HoHoTO. Is there a way to ensure that it is marked as a donation in memorial of Michael?

  2. Mary Margaret,

    all the donations we are receiving right now are being marked as donations in Michael’s memory.

    Thanks for asking for clarification.

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