Day 11 – Tunes for Toonies – 13 Days of #HoHoTO

For the past three years Ryan Taylor  (you might remember him as a giant elf) and Duarte Da Silva have provided the kickass music selection that keeps  HoHoTO going long into the night.

Sadly, this year our favourite elf is too busy at the North Pole polishing his jewels to join us. Instead, special DJ guests will join Duarte on stage during the night – let’s call them Santa’s Little Helpers.

Also new this year, we WILL entertain your musical requests — but as you might expect with everything HoHoTO-related, we want your song selections to contribute to the cause. We’ll have a collection box at the front of the stage, along with a Sharpie and a stack of Post-Its.

Got a tune you really want to hear? Pop a toonie in the box and scribble out your choice (clearly!) on a Post-It. Had it to the DJ or one of the on-stage helpers, and…

We will make our best effort to play your request during the night BUT… we should warn you: we’re music snobs.

The DJs’ decision, as ultimate arbiters of taste, is absolutely final. If we determine your taste in music is lacking or generally dodgy, we reserve the right to publicly ridicule your choice and may or may not refund the $2 (we won’t) depending on how many cocktails you’ve bought us.

If, however, we approve of your song selection, we will give you a high five, regale you with public accolades, and may or may not refund the $2 (we won’t).

Remember, with every song request donation you make, you are helping feed a family and making the world suck a little less.

Your toonies for tunes lead to fewer empty spoons.

One thought on “Day 11 – Tunes for Toonies – 13 Days of #HoHoTO”

  1. Oh! I think if the DJ turns down a request, *he* should put a toonie in. At least if he turns down any of my requests, that is. 😉

    See you on the dance floor!

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