Molson Coors cares about community

It is literally true that there could be no HoHoTO without our sponsors. We can never really thank them enough for all the support, energy, creativity and cold, hard cash they bring to the cause.

One sponsor that has been with us right from the very start is Molson Coors, and we’re singling them out here for special thanks.

Every year, the HoHoTO elves awaken from their dayjobs in mid-November and set to work shaking the tree; striving to gently encourage corporations big and small to come on board as sponsors. I’ve watched the sponsor elves do their thing – they sometimes have to shake those trees seriously hard.

But the Molson Coors guys have never needed too much coaxing to get behind HoHoTO. Led by the ever-smiling Ferg Devins, they jumped in with both feet in 2008 and have supported us every year since. It’s clear the people in Molson’s PR organization really understand their relationship with the Toronto community and the role they can play.

Molson Coors’ $10,000 Santa-level sponsorship this year will feed a lot of hungry Torontonians. Knowing the importance of cash donations at this time of year, they cut us a cheque as soon as they came on board. We’ve already flowed that money straight through to the Daily Bread Food Bank so they can put it to work immediately.

Here’s the thing: Daily Bread can purchase way more food with the cash we hand over than you could ever get in a grocery store for the same dollar amount. They buy in bulk, directly from the food industry. Plus, with direct cash donations the food can get to those who need it faster because it doesn’t have to be sorted, and Daily Bread can focus on purchasing the food they are in short supply of – essential staples like baby formula and pasta.

The Molson team gets this, but for them it’s not just about the cash. Take a few minutes wandering through the Molson in the Community blog and you’ll soon see they’re genuinely giving where they’re living. The team there supports a host of important causes and they roll up their sleeves and dive in to help. We think that’s pretty frigging awesome for a beer company.

They’ll tell you they’re proud to play their part. Well we’re proud to have them back on board this year as a leading supporter of HoHoTo.

Ferg, Tonia, Adam and the whole Molson Coors team – we’ve got one word for you: cheers!

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