Day 3 – A Little Info Goes A Long Way – 13 Days of #HoHoTO

It’s Sunday, so today’s way you can help make a difference for Daily Bread Food Bank this HoHoTO season is a little more cerebral.  While you are sipping your coffee, take a couple of minutes to read a bit more about the charity we support and the hunger issue in Toronto.

Daily Bread Food Bank

From Daily Bread’s 2011 Hunger Snapshot, a brief picture of poverty and hunger in the GTA:

  • 1,082,000 client visits from April 2010 to March 2011, 908,000 from Toronto; 174,000 from the 905
  • 46% of adults have not eaten for a day because of lack of money
  • 40% of adults go hungry at least once per week
  • 36% of food bank clients are children
  • 19% of children go hungry at least once per week

Daily Bread believes that “research is critical to creating social change to reduce poverty, here is some of the publications they’ve created to educate and engage the public and to push the government towards innovative and realistic policy solutions for hunger.”

Here is some more information to help you understand why what HoHoTO as a community does is so important: