How Can I Help?

“I’m SO there!” and  “How can I help?” are the two things we hear most when we announce the next HoHoTO.  It’s so great to get this kind of response and a shame to waste it.

So we’ve decided to help you help us help the Daily Bread help the world suck a little less by raising a butt load of money with HoHoTO.

HoHoTo Payout

Here are just a few of the ways you can help!

Help Raise Sponsorship Dollars

  • Ask your company to sponsor HoHoTO – there are a bunch of different levels of sponsorship starting at just $250, so jumping on board as a sponsor is almost painless.
  • Ask your suppliers and clients to sponsor HoHoTO – show them you care about our community and show them a great way to get involved!
  • You, yes you can sponsor HoHoTO too!  Every year we have more and more individuals kick in as sponsors to help make the world suck a little less.
  • You and your buddies – not sure you can swing a sponsorship on your own? Why not get a group of people together to buy a sponsorship? It’s a little more than buying a ticket, but it makes a huge difference to the people going to Daily Bread for food every day.
  • Need info to help you ask? Contact Leila, April or Lex who will happily hook you up with any info you need!

Help Source Raffle Prizes

  • We’re looking for great prizes that will encourage HoHoTO guests to buy raffle tickets. The more raffle tickets we sell, the more we can give to Daily Bread.
  • we’re looking for raffle prizes that range in value from $100 to $500 for the HoHoTO raffle and the HoHoTO Hangover Auction.  Tech toys, food, wine, and experiences are fantastic.
  • Some of the prizes that really got the raffle tickets selling and the Hangover Auction buzzing were the Palm Pre from Bell, the case of wine from Inniskillin, the catered dinner for 4 from, Bell, the HP netbook from Rogers.
  • Contact Lex at or @alexaclark

Help by talking about HoHoTO

  • Tell the world why they should be supporting HoHoTO!
  • Tweet and tell your friends all about HoHoTO, about Daily Bread, about how they can help and get tickets!
  • Get out your video camera or cell phone and upload a video tell everyone why HoHoTO and Daily Bread rock your world!  (Hey, you might even see it show up here.)

Help by Volunteering

  • the night of HoHoTO there are a lot of things that need to happen to make the evening enjoyable for all of us.  Not just buying a drink for that cute guy, though we encourage that too.
  • The more people helping the night of HoHoTO, the more we all get to enjoy the good we are doing.
  • Contact Elena at or @communicable
Help by Partying

  • Every single person who buys a ticket to HoHoTO is helping Daily Bread!  So if you are buying a ticket, you are making a difference!
  • And of course we’ll have food bins at HoHoTO again this year, and while Daily Bread can make the money stretch further, the food is HUGE.  Please bring food!

Get Inspired

  • Send us ideas of how you think you can help. That is, after all, how HoHoTO came to exist – a group of people on twitter who wanted to throw a party and make a difference.
  • Every idea that passes by us is evaluated on the basis of how much will it help Daily Bread – how much money will it bring in for Daily Bread; how much time will it save us so we can find more money to bring in for Daily Bread; and how much will it raise the profile of HoHoTO so we can raise more money for Daily Bread.

Help the world suck a little less by helping make HoHoTO even more amazing!

This couldn’t happen without you!

(photo courtesy of Geoffrey Wiseman aka diathesis)